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A letter from Portugal E No. 35 @@Dona Rosafs stand

This time, I would like to introduce a couple, Jos

At first, I bought some tomatoes at their stand. Those tomatoes were uneven and rough ones. But they were the products under the strong sunshine. It was as if they were insisting on the existence of themselves. Negotiation with the clients seemed within the scope of work of the wife. When it comes to count the sum of the price, it turns to the husbands work. When it comes to more difficult calculation, the two cooperate with their heads side by side. I was fascinated by this sight and took this photo at the right. Next week, I handed the photo to Jos

A few weeks later, figs which are one of the main products of this area, appeared on the market. At their stand, they also had figs. I asked Dona Rosa, gPlease give me 1 KG of figs.h She put many figs in a bag. I said, gJust 1 KG.h She said, gI know. I know.h But she still continues to put many figs in the bag. As I was worried a little bit, I said again, g1 KG of figs, please.h She said, gThis is a present to you for the photos you gave to us last time.h and handed a bag full of the figs to me. gOh, I am embarrassed.h gThatfs OK. Please take it with you.hJos was smiling at her side.

At the following weeks, I wished to buy something at her stand but could not find the items which I wished to buy.

One day, I found dried figs which I wished to buy. Dona Rosa said, gAt some stands, they sell what they buy from others. But at our stand, we sell only those which we ourselves or our daughterfs family cultivated.h gThese dried figs are the crops which were cultivated under the strong sunshine.h She stressed it with full confidence. Now I have come to realize the reason that they donft have many varieties to sell. Looking at her stand, you easily come to know the season of the agricultural product at this region.

On another day I found a young handsome boy standing inside at her stand. gThis is my grandson whom I am very proud of. I feel very happy that we have him.h Dona Rosa smiled to me taking his hands with hers. This photo at left side was taken at that occasion.

A week later, after I finished shopping at her stand, I handed to her the photo in a frame which we took a week ago. (I thought I had to hand this to them after I finished my payment or else she may not accept my payment.) gWould you like these kidney beans ?h, she asked to me. gOh, no. You donft need to do so.h I replied and moved to other stand. When I got to a stand about 20 meters away from Dona Rosafs one, somebody tapped at my shoulder from behind. I found Dona Rosa there who rushed to reach me with a bag full of the kidney beans in her hand. I thought I should have taken those beans at her first offer and she did not need to run to catch me. I felt sorry for her.

Another day when I was in bed from cold, my husband came back from the Saturday market with some ripe persimmons, which were get-well present from Dona Rosa. These persimmons were specially sweet and delicious to me. This association with Jose and Rosa reminds me of the human relationship which I enjoyed in my local native town.

I asked some questions to them in order to write this article. Their full names are António Jos

gIn June this year, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and our granddaughter married in the same month. The year of 2008 was a good year for us. The best thing for us is that both of us have been in good health for these 50 years.h She commented.

Those who buy fruits and vegetables at this open market, know very well on what season and at which stand you can get the best product. Jos

It must be awfully hard to keep standing in out door from early in the morning. The two, however, are always gaily and vigorously working because, I suppose, they enjoy the conversation with many of their long time clients once every week. Dona Rosa does the deal lively. Jos

On Christmas Eve they get together at their daughterfs house and on New Years Day they have a gathering at Josefs house. No doubt that their grandchildren will participate.

It must be a happy, happy family gathering.

We also wish to you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !

December 2008 y Takae z